What is Telegram app and how to use telegram | Complete Guide to using telegram app-easily!

Hello friends, today we will talk about an app that you can use on your Android device as well as in Windows. Which is also very easy to operate.

Yes we are talking about Telegram app. Telegram is one such app which is very easy to use. It also works like Whats-app. But there are many such features in the Telegram app that you will not find in apps like Whats-app, it was started in the year 2013. At present, this app has 200 million users. who use it.

How to use Telegram App?

Friends, using Telegram app is very simple and easy. If you want to use this app in your Android device then you can install it by going to Google Play Store. If you are a window user then you can use the desktop version of Telegram.

How to Create Account on Telegram App?

  • 1. First of all you have to open Telegram app on your device.
  • 2. After opening the app, click on Start Massaging.
  • 3. Now you have to select the name of your Country.
  • 4. Now you have to enter the phone number. Here you will use the same phone number with which you want to create your account.
  • 5. After this you have to tick on the right mark given above.
  • 6. Now a verification code will be sent to your mobile number to verify your number on Telegram app, after which your number gets verified.
  • 7. After all, you have to enter your name with which you want to create your account. Now your account has been created. Now you can use Telegram app.

Now you know how you can create your account on Telegram app. You can also create more than one account on this app.

Telegram App Features?

  • 1. Till now 14 languages ​​are used in Telegram app but it is not available in Hindi language.
  • 2. You also get the option to create a group on the Telegram app. In which you can also create a group for your friends, relatives or education.
  • 3. The best thing about this is that you can add up to 2 lakh members to your group on the Telegram app. Isn't it surprising!
  • 4. Two types of groups can be created on Telegram app. basic group and super group

What is Telegram Group?

If your group consists of 200 members then it is called basic group. And if more than 200 members join your group then you can convert it into super group.

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What is Telegram Super-group?

If your group has more than 200 members then now you can convert it into super group. You also get some more features in Super Group. You can also pin any required message in this group. Which can be read by every member of the group. Apart from this, you also get Boats in Super Groups like Games, Payment etc.

There are two types of groups on Telegram app public and private group. Anyone in the public group can join your group by searching its name. And when you share a link to someone in a private group, then they join that group through the link.

What is Telegram Public Group?

Public Group has a username, by searching which any person can join that group like :- Learn English, Current Affair, G.K etc.

What is Telegram Private Group?

When you create a private group, you get a link in it so that you can invite any of your friends and add them to your group through this link.

What is Telegram Broadcasting List?

Friends, you must know about broadcasting, this feature is also available in WhatsApp. In which you can create a list of up to 256 members and send messages to them simultaneously. But there is no limit on Telegram app, you can create broadcasting list of as many members as you want and send them messages at once.

What is Telegram Secret Chat?

You also get the feature of secret chat on Telegram app, in which you can secret chat with any of your friends. It is not even traced by telegram.

Telegram Encryption

With this feature, the secret chat made by you is secure, that is, no third person can read your chat.

Telegram Timer

Secret Chat also has a timer feature, it provides even more security to your chat. When you send a secret message to any of your friends, after reading or opening the message by the recipient, that message is automatically deleted from the device of both of your recipients according to the set time.

No forward

Any message or video sent by you during Secret Chat cannot be forwarded.

Telegram channel

Telegram channel is made for business marketers in which you can promote your business. In telegram channel also you can create two types of channel public channel and private channel public channel has a username whose name can be searched and any person can join it, but in private channel you can connect to someone through shared link. can add to.

You can add more and more members in Telegram channel. And at the same time you can send any file or any video in it 1.5 GB.

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