5 business books: Those five business books that will give a new identity to your business

It is everyone's dream to start a business and take it to the heights. Today there are some people among us who want to become a good entrepreneur by starting their own business or start up. In such a situation, these people also do a lot of research that how to start their business so that they can be successful, why whatever money we are investing in our business or start up, they have earned it very hard and if we have taken loan then He also has to return. 

So in today's article, let us tell those business or start up people about such books which will give them such new suggestions along with making them successful in this field. Let us take a look at the 5 books that every entrepreneur who wants to be successful should read.

What are the 5 business books?

The five books you are going to know about will tell you where you are making mistakes in your business, how to invest and you will also get to know what kind of thinking you should keep with your hard work. And how to bring out new ideas from that thinking because in this field everyone comes with their dreams with a strong intention. Whether it is a woman or a man, everyone wants us to take our business to new heights. Many times they do not understand how we should work. In such a situation, these books will come in handy.

1. Think and grow rich

This book was written by Napoleon Hill, at the behest of Andrew Carnegie (at the behest of 19th century first largest businessman and the world's first billionaire. He asked Napoleon Hill to meet more businessman then write this book. Napoleon Hill was of that time) Ford's owner Henry Ford, inventor of the first electric bulb, and Thomas Alva Edison, founder of the General Electric Company.

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He co-wrote this book with Bell Company owners Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, and Charles Squab. In this book, 13 steps about business, tell how a person can give a new direction to his business by giving a new direction to his thinking with complete understanding.

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2. The Emyth

Entrepreneur myth has been told in this book. What mistake most of the businessmen make is that their business fails i.e. it is not successful, in this you will get to know the difference between a technician and a businessman, a technician like a lawyer opened his cabin so that people can do legal practice or By opening a small business with a graphic designer, then these types of people are doing a job in their own profession in a way if people in the business work on the method.

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For example, many of us can make a good burger from McDonald's but cannot become a company like McDonald's because a businessman works on the model and uses his proper method. So from this book you can learn to work on the business model and method.

3. The millionaire real estate investor

It is written by Gray Keller. It is the world's largest real estate. Before writing the book, he talked to 100 millers about how they became so successful in their life. In this book you will know how to find properties. 

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How to become your social network, which people to call as well as what to talk on the phone has been told so that you can be successful in this business.

4. The 48 laws power

This book has been written by Robert Greene, in this book it has been told that if we ever want to do business anywhere, then the biggest skill that is required is how to tackle people, whether it is a customer or a client. You will get to learn this from.

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5. The intelligent investor

This book has been written by Benjamin Graham and the world's biggest investor Warren Buffet gives credit for all his investing skills to this book. This book tells you how to invest so that the return money you get is absolutely safe Be from.

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5 Business Books in read

These five books will make an entrepreneur aware of the ways of doing business, what kind of risks you have to take in business, the rest you can take your business forward with your hard work and dedication, because everyone can do business but in that. What kind of method to work on, how to invest and which model to work on, this information is equally important as you are investing money in your business because your products do not run your business, your business runs your business.

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