Introduction to MS Paint: How to use ms paint? and Tools Functions? | What is Microsoft Paint?

Paint is such a designer software by which you can make any graphics in the computer, you can draw cartoons, you can also make paintings, you can also design your own logo. Paint is Microsoft's software, hence it is also called MS Paint.

So friends, in this article we will know how to use MS Paint.

You can create any Graphic file from the Paint program that comes in Windows. Which is called Bitmap file. You can save any pictures created in Paint and set it as Wallpaper on Desktop. And you can also paint it. And this pictures can also be used in any document.

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How to start MS Paint?

Friends, first of all you have to open MS Paint.

step 1

By clicking on Start » Programs » Accessories » Paint, you will get to see the below screen.

And you can also open MS Paint like this

step 2

Clicking on Start » Run » MSPaint » OK will also open ms paint.

Introduction to Microsoft Paint Tools Home Screen

Title Bar

First of all, whatever name of the file you put in the title bar above, it appears here, we have not named the file yet, so here Untitled is being written, later you will save this file with whatever name that name will appear here

Shortcut Bar

Shortcut Bar (quick access toolbar) comes next to Title Bar

In the shortcut bar, you can set your own shortcuts like Undo, Redo, Print Preview etc.

Menu Bar

This is the menu bar in which 3 menus are given.

File Menu , Home Menu and View Menu

Talking about the file menu, here you will see many options like

File Menu In Paint

New: With the help of this command a new file is created in paint. The shortcut of New is (Ctrl+N).

Save: This command is used to save the file created in Paint.

Open: This command is used to open any file created earlier in Paint and to edit that file. The shortcut of Open is (Ctrl + O).

Save As: This command is used to save any new file for the first time and to save the old file under another name. By doing Save As, the open file will be saved by another name, meaning it will work like a copy.

Save As is also used to save the open file in another format.

Print: This command is used to print any document of print. In which the name of the file, the name of the printer and the number of copies to be printed has to be set.

From scanner or camera : With this option you can import any file or image from scanner and camera into Paint.

Send in Email: This command is used to send any paint file to anyone via email.

Set as desktop background: This command is used to set a Paint file to your computer's wallpaper.

Properties: This command is used to know what is the size of the paint file, what is the resolution and in which location this file is saved.

About Paint: In this, which version is the paint software and you can know about the paint software.

Exit: This command is used to exit from this software.

Home Menu In Paint

Many tools have been given in the home menu.

Past : Any choccas information and photo will be cut or copied then it gets saved in window clipboard. And after that, by placing the cursor at the place where the photo is needed, giving past command, the information and photo at that place will come. The shortcut for past is (Ctrl+V).

Cut: With the help of this command, you can cut the information or photo from one place and move it to another place.(Ctrl+X)

Copy: With the help of this command, you can copy the information or photos. The steps to copy the information or photos are like this.

(1) First of all, whatever is written or the photo has to be copied, it has to be selected.

(2) Going to the home menu and clicking on copy, it will happen that the selected photo will be saved in the clipboard.

(3) After that, keeping the cursor at the place where the information or photo is to be copied, going to the home menu and giving Past command, the selected photo or information will come to that place.

Select: With the help of this tool, you can select any photo.

Crop: This tool is used to crop the selected photo.

Resize: This tool is used to change the size of any photo.

Rotate: This command is used to rotate the selected photo in different angles,

Brushes: With the help of this tool, you can do paintings with different brushes.

Shapes: With the help of this tool, you can make your paintings using different shapes.

Size: This tool is used to increase or decrease the size of a pencil or brush.

Colors: You can select the color of pencil or brush for painting.

Edit Colors: This tool is used to create the desired color.

View Menu In Paint

Zoom in & Zoom Out: This tool is used to enlarge or shrink your photo.

Ruler: Ruler is used to bring scale in the photo so that we can do painting by taking the correct name of the photo.

Grid Lines: By ticking the grid line, a lot of sari square will come in the paint, with the help of which painting becomes easy.

Status bar: This tool is used to show or hide the status bar.

Full Screen: By clicking on Fullscreen, your painting will appear in full screen on the computer.

Thumbnail: This tool is used to create thumbnails in painting.

Advantages of MS Paint

• MS Paint is a graphical program in which you can do simple drawings.

• In MS Paint, you can create an image by testing it by taking screenshots from other applications and screens.

• In MS Paint, you can convert any image to another format, that is, MS Paint is the best software to change the format.

• MS Paint is free software so you don't need to take any premium plan.

• MS Paint being a Microsoft own product, there is no possibility of virus in it.   

MS Paint: FAQ

How many tools are in Paint?

There are mainly three tools in Paint. Contains pencil brushes and shapes.

What is the meaning of Save and Open option in Paint?

Save in Paint means to save any file. Whereas open means to open the already saved file again.

Which extension is not supported in MS Paint?

(.doc) extension is not supported in MS Paint.

What is the developer name of MS Paint?

The name of the developer of MS Paint is Microsoft.

What is the full form of MS Paint?

The full form of MS Paint is Microsoft Paint.

Which file can we open in MS Paint?

In MS Paint, we can open files of Windows bitmap (BMP), JPEG, GIF, PNG, and single-page TIFF formats.

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