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Hello friends, welcome to our website In our article, we will tell you the information about “What is JavaScript”. In the present times, programming languages ​​i.e. many machine languages ​​have emerged in a few years. These languages ​​have completely changed the world of technology, all the systems you can see in today's modern technology are the wonders of these machine languages. 

Inspired by these machine languages, scripted languages ​​have been created, and today we will learn about a popular script language like JavaScript, which is different from machine language because machine language also has a language named Java, but it is different from JavaScript language. . JavaScript has become very popular in today's internet era. Let us tell you about the JavaScript language in summary.

What is JavaScript?

JavaScript language is a scripting language that is used in the Internet to create a web browser i.e. dynamic website. The code is executed in the server or in the user's browser and the web page is made interactive. In another language, JavaScript is such a powerful language, that by combining it with HTML, we can make the web page very interactive and attractive.

Who invented JavaScript?

JavaScript was invented in the year 1995 by a programmer named Brendan Eich. He was a programmer for a company called Netscape Communication. Brendan was trying to use this language for a long time. But when the language was developed, it seemed quite easy to use, it took Brendan less than 10 days to do any programming. Earlier this scripted language was named Mocha, later it was changed to LiveScript and finally it was named JavaScript Language.

Where was JavaScript first invented?

In the year 1995, the Java Scripting language was used in version 2.0B3 of the Netscape browser. Later it was used in the year 1998 with the launch of ECMAScript 2 and 3 which is today's modern JavaScript language.

Netscape Communicator, which was NCSA's first browser until 2003, was quite popular at that time, but later when Microsoft company created Internet Explorer, the use of Netscape Communicator declined.

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Where is JavaScript used?

If you have a flair in creating web designing, then you will have complete knowledge about JavaScript, you should know what is JavaScript?. If you want to make a career in web designing or want to get information, then you must learn JavaScript with HTML, CSS because JavaScript is very essential for web designing in any website.

We use JavaScript mostly in web designing, web animations, web automation's. Programmers and developers use it to make web pages interactive.

What is Client-Side JavaScript?

Where does the client side JavaScript go to whatever script is run in the user's browser from web input? Whenever a request is sent for a web page, the server sends the JavaScript code along with the HTML of that page to the browser, which allows the user to integrate their web page.

What is Server-side JavaScript?

The opposite of client side is server side JavaScript. This script runs on the server, not on the browser, unlike the programming user. It executes the server's database, converts its output into HTML after any program is executed, and starts the client-side JavaScript process from here. For example, languages ​​like PHP,, JSP are server side JavaScript.

Difference between HTML, CSS and JavaScript?

  • • HTML – The structure of the web page is created through HTML, the web page is invented using this coding.
  • • CSS – The full form of CSS is Cascading Style Sheets, ie using this you can modify or modify the designing part of any website.
  • • JavaScript – Using JavaScript, you can make the web page interactive, that is, you can process it with the logic of the user.

Basic functions of JavaScript?

  • • JavaScript Syntax – Its basic function is that after processing the programmer language, it will be interpreted by the user.
  • • JavaScript Variables – The main use of this function is to validate the variables in the web, that is, coding is done.
  • • JavaScript Operators – Four types of operators are used in this function – Arithmetic Operators, Comparison Operators, Assignment Operators and Conditional Operators.
Test Cases of JavaScript ?
  • • Form validation
  • • Popup Windows
  • • Drop down menu
  • • Image Slider
  • • Animation
  • • Autocomplete
  • • Browser Detection
  • • Cookies.

Advantages of JavaScript?

  • • JavaScript is very simple and easy to implement and it is also very easy.
  • • The programming of JavaScript is implemented very quickly and the client side browser runs immediately.
  • • JavaScript is quite easily compatible with other languages, so JavaScript in a web page is easily distributed on the web page.

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