How to invest in share market? & Start Online Trading in 4 Simple Steps- A Beginner's Guide

Hello friends, today's topic is how to invest in share market, everyone can invest their money in share market but it is very important to have knowledge of stock market to become a successful investor in stock market and earn money.

What is needed to invest in share market?

What is share market?

So first we know what is share market, share market is a market where shares of many companies are bought and sold, it is a place where any person can earn a lot of money and many more. You can also lose money, buying shares of a company means becoming a shareholder of that company, you become the owner of the same percentage of the money you buy in that company, if there is any profit in that company in future. If so, then that profit or profit is also yours and if the company has any loss in future, then that loss is also to you and the money you invest, your money gets sunk in the way the stock market in the stock market. It is easy to earn money in the stock market, in the same way it is equally easy to lose money in the stock market, there are ups and downs in the stock market.

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When to buy shares in share market?

So now we know when to buy shares in the stock market, before buying shares in the stock market, first gain your experience on this line, when should you invest, how should you invest, how should you invest your money in the company, then you can go Find out all these things, collect knowledge and only then you can invest in the stock market, to find out which share has increased or fallen in the stock market, you can read newspapers like Economics Times or NDTV Business You can see the news from where you get a lot of information about the stock market, it is a very risky market.

You should invest only when your financial condition is right so that if you have a loss, if there is a loss, then it does not make much difference from the loss to that loss or else you can also do this in the beginning you can make a little money. You can invest so that you do not have to bear a lot of losses going forward, as you will increase your knowledge in this field, in the same way you can also increase your investment, before investing in the stock market, you should collect a lot of knowledge. There is a lot of deception in the market, many times it happens that some company is fraud and if you buy the shares of that company and invest money, then the company runs away with everyone's money and then all your money invested in it gets drowned. That is why before buying shares of any company, you must check the details of the background of that company thoroughly.

How to invest in share market?

So now we know how to invest in the share market, investing in the stock market can be done only with the help of a broker, that is, you cannot buy or sell shares directly in the stock market and in today's era there are many brokers. That's why if you want to invest in the share market, then first you have to contact a broker. And in today's time investing in the stock market has become very easy nowadays almost all broking firms have mobile applications and websites Available on

If you want to invest in share market, then you can invest in share market by installing application in mobile. Stock market is the best way to earn passive income and create wealth. The biggest advantage of investing in the share market is that it earns more returns than any other investment. It does not require much money to start investing. Investment in the share market can be started from Rs 5000. If you are going to invest in the stock market for the first time then you will have many questions in your mind.

What is needed to invest in share market?

So now we know what to do to invest in share market.

Saving Bank Account

Buying and selling of shares in the share market is done online with the help of computer sitting at home. That's why you should have a savings bank account in which internet banking should be enabled so that you can do money transactions. The savings bank account is linked with the trading account.

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    Select Stock Broker

    In the stock market, all the companies are listed on the stock exchange and you cannot buy or sell shares directly from the stock exchange, for this you have to open a trading and demat account with a stock broker. All stock brokers are members of stock exchanges. Whenever you place an order to buy a share, it goes straight through the broker's platform to the stock exchange. And from there your shares are bought and sold.

    Trading Account

    Trading account is the account from which we buy and sell shares, this account is opened by the stock broker. Trading Account has to be linked with your Saving Bank Account so that you can add money to it and can buy and sell shares.

    Demat Account

    Whenever we buy shares in the stock market, Demat Account is necessary to keep the purchased shares safe. After filling the form to the demat account broker, he gets your demate account opened.

    Trading Account and Demat Account can be opened with any stock broker. For this, PAN card, address proof, income proof (cancel cheque), bank statement and 1 to 3 passport size photographs are required.

    Once you have a trading and demat account, the broker gives you the USER ID and password of your trading account, so that you can buy and sell shares by adding money from your savings bank account to your trading account.

    Trading account and demat account are linked together, you do not need to do anything. When you buy shares with the help of a trading account, they automatically go into the demat account and when you sell those shares, they are automatically removed from the demat account.

    How to buy and sell shares in share market?

    When you open your trading and demat account with a stockbroker, your broker will give you the trading account's USER ID and password to buy and sell stocks, as well as some software for trading.

    When you get the USER ID and password of the trading account, then you can buy the shares of whichever stock you want to buy by LOG IN to the broker's website or the software provided by the broker.

    As soon as you place an order to buy shares, then that order goes directly to the stock exchange, from there the price at which you want to buy the share. If a share is ready to be sold at that price, then your order will be completed and the broker will give you a confirmation that your order has been completed and those shares will go into your demat account.

    What do you need to know about starting stock market investing?

    When it comes to trading and investing in the Indian stock market, it is best to have a plan before getting started. Here are some cautionary points that can help you start your business successfully

    • • Settle your pending debts: As a precaution, we recommend that you clear all your high interest debts like personal loans, credit card dues etc. before you start investing in the stock market.
    • • Invest only surplus money: Another essential rule that smart investments follow is that they only invest money that is surplus to them. Never borrow money to buy stocks or use the money you have set aside for your other financial needs. It is best to invest only the extra income you have, as there is no guarantee of loss or returns.
    • • Keep some money aside: As a contingency plan, always keep some cash aside for emergencies. If you invest all your money in your stock market business, you will put yourself in a precarious position if an emergency should arise.

    Set Goals

    Before you start investing, decide why and what you want the end goal to be. Do you want to earn long term capital appreciation and high returns? Do you want to get an additional source of income in the form of dividends? Do you want to try your hand at the stock market and see what you like best? Defining your investment goals will help you understand how much you should invest and how long you should keep investing.

    Have a plan

    Once you've defined your investment goals, it's time to strategies how to put those investments to use. Based on your current financial situation, decide whether you want to invest in lump sum or make small regular monthly investments. You don't need to start with a significant amount straight away. You can experiment with a small amount and gradually increase it.

    Evaluate Regularly

    By now, you are the first to know how to start investing in the stock market. But it is important to remember that the stock markets are extremely volatile and the situation can change rapidly from one day to the next. The best habit is to evaluate your investments regularly. View monthly, quarterly and half-yearly reports, understand why or not something works to your advantage. The only way to get the most out of stock trading is to make mistakes and learn from them.

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