How to get Amazon Delivery Franchise in India? And How to Apply Amazon Delivery Franchise?

Hello friends do you know how to get Amazon delivery franchise? If you do not know, then we have brought information for you in this article after doing a lot of research about amazon delivery franchise.

What do you have to do if you want to take an amazon delivery franchise, what documents will be required? At which location you can take amazon delivery franchise in india. You will get answers to all these questions in this article of ours. Hope you will read this article completely.

What is Amazon?

Amazon is the world's largest e-commerce website. The world's largest popular website, where millions of people shop online every day and order products for themselves at home. Thousands of sellers in India are earning lakhs by selling their goods on Amazon platform.

At present, Amazon is giving the most fastest courier service in India. So this company also has the highest turnover. Amazon have amazon delivery franchise at different places all over India. With the help of which Amazon easily reach his product to the customer in 1 or 2 days.

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    What is Amazon Courier Franchise In India?

    Friends, what happens is that no big company can go to every place in India to do its business. So that company gives franchise/dealership to someone else under its own brand name to increase its business network.

    Friends, similarly amazon company also gives amazon delivery franchise to reach its product everywhere in India. If you want, you can also get amazon delivery franchise in India.

    Let me tell you that Inc. is one of the largest e-commerce companies in America. The business of this company is also in crores in India. Amazon delivery franchise India has a huge scope in India now and in the coming time. So by taking amazon dealership, you can get amazon dealership. You can earn huge profits every month by opening a pickup store franchise.

    By taking amazon delivery franchise, you have to reach the courier of Amazon to the customer. Whose Amazon company gives commission to the franchise owner. So friends, this is how the business model of Amazon dealership/franchise works.

    Benefits of taking an Amazon delivery franchise?

    • The biggest advantage of taking an Amazon delivery franchise is that the company sends the payment every week, so the employees or the franchise owner does not have to wait for a month.
    • There is no much hassle in working in Amazon delivery franchise, you just have to deliver the courier that comes from Amazon to the customer.
    • There is no registration fee for taking Amazon Delivery Franchise.
    • The company's network is all over India, so you do not have to search for work, the company itself gives you work, that too by the easiest courier to reach the customer.
    • When you take a new franchise, the company trains your new employees.
    • If you face any problem in Amazon delivery franchise, then the company helps you.
    • All the employees associated with Amazon delivery franchise get a chance to work with India's number one e-commerce company which is a big deal.
    • To take Amazon Delivery Franchisee, you can apply online on Amazon Logistics website, after applying the company will contact you directly.

    Requirements for Starting an Amazon Franchise

    • If you have made up your mind to take Amazon logistics franchise then what are the things required for amazon franchise.
    • Friends, do not worry, we have made a list of all the requirements that you will need to take amazon delivery franchise.

    Space requirement: There will be a space requirement for the setup of the office to do the work of courier delivery service.

    Employees Requirement: 10 to 12 employees will be required for amazon dealership.

    Equipment Required: To run the amazon pickup store franchise, there will be equipment requirement like computer, printer, bar-code scanner etc.

    Investment Requirement: For doing business of ekart logistics, you will have to invest money. We are going to tell you how much money will be required in this article. So read this article completely.

    Documents Required: To do amazon franchise business, you will need your own and property documents. We are going to tell the documents requirement list further in this article.

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    Amazon Franchise Cost?

    Amazon franchise cost in India: Investment has to be made for any business. To take amazon delivery franchise, amazon franchise cost will also be charged. In which land, office, employees, vehicles and other things will be required. In the list below, we have told that how much money will be required in amazon delivery franchise cost.

    Cost to buy land.
    15 to 20 lakh rs may be spent. 700 to 1100 squara feet land will be q (Vehicle parking)
    office purchase cost.
    4 to 5 lakh rs.
    computer operator, vehicle purchase and driver delivery boy, petrol expenses.
    5 to 7 lakh rs 
    amazon franchise cost in India total
    20 to 25 lakh rs may be spent.
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    Note: If you have your own land then amazon courier franchise cost can be less.

    Amazon Delivery Franchise Profit?

    When you take amazon delivery franchise, only then amazon franchise profit is agreed in the agreement that how much profit you will get on how much delivery.

    If seen, the profit may vary according to each location and courier parcel. There is no income limit in this franchise. If your shop is in a good location and the courier volume is high, then you can have an income of 3 to 6 lakhs per month. Sometimes there can be income of 20 lakhs to 30 lakhs.

    For more information on Amazon Logistics Franchise Benefits, you can get additional information by calling the Amazon Courier Franchisee contact number.

    Documents for Amazon Logistics Franchise?

    To take amazon delivery franchise you will need the following documents. With the help of which you will be able to apply for amazon franchise.

    • proof of identification
    • proof of address
    • Bank account statement for 3 or 6 months
    • GST Number
    • property documents
    • NOC: No Objection Certificate

    Note: Applicant's email id, mobile number, passport size photo will be required.

    How to Apply Amazon Delivery Franchise?

    1. official website of Amazon Logistics by click here.

    2. Click on APPLY NOW

    3. click on Create An Account, you will have to create a new account.

    4. Enter your name, email id, password, mobile number and click on Create your amazon account.

    5. OTP will be sent to your email/mobile. Then fill and submit

    6. click on Get Started.

    7. The form for taking amazon delivery franchise will open in front of you, in which you will get your basic information, education and work experience, financial details, legal authorization have to be done. After reviewing the application, you have to SUBMIT.

    Amazon team will contact you after reviewing your application.

    Amazon Delivery Franchise Contact Number?

    Amazon Delivery Franchise Contact Number: 180030009009

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