How much Garena free fire earns: Free Fire one Day Income & How does free fire make money?

Hello friends, today's topic is how much free fire earns in a day. So friends, nowadays so many games have come from which we can earn a lot of money and also there are some games which have a lot of income of their own. 

So one of these games is free fire, which is very much in trend, many people like this game, so let's start today's topic, hope you will like my article. So let's know how much free fire earns in a day

Free Fire Launch Date?

Free Fire was officially launched on December 4, 2017 for Android and iOS. The owner of the free fire game is also the founder Forrest Li.

Free Fire is the game of which country?

Friends, there are many such people among you who think that FREE FIRE is a Chinese game, but for your information, let us tell you that Garena Free Fire is a Singapore company whose owner is Forrest li as well as this game he has with 111Dots studios Made together and this game was launched in the year 2017 itself, but at that time this game was not so much FAMOUS because people did not know much about battle royal at that time. With time, the craze of vittal royal game started in the people and people slowly started getting attracted towards this game because this game was very less MB.

Due to free fire being very popular, Garena has announced to launch free fire max, inside which you will get to see better quality graphics than free fire and this game is currently running in beta testing, as soon as its beta Testing will end, this game will be launched in the year 2021 itself.

The file size of free fire max is going to be 2GB in ios and its size in android will be around 850 MB.

FREE FIRE How many MB game is it?

Friends, let us tell you that the free fire game is currently 689 MB, which you can install on your mobile from Google or Google Play Store. If you want complete information about FREE FIRE, then you can read this article of ours, information about FREE FIRE, in which we have explained in complete detail about every smallest thing, once you must read this article.

How much does free fire earn in a day?

How much money does free fire game earn in 1 day. Free Fire fans and students who want to know how much money Free Fire earns in 1 day? Today we are going to tell you about the income or earnings of Free Fire. Do you know how Free Fire earns money and how much is the income for a whole year or a day.

How much money does Free Fire earn in 1 day. And together we will also know how much money Free Fire earns in a day. Free Fire game is one of the most popular battle ground game all over the world and it has also become one of the most loved multiplayer game in India.

If we talk about how many users Free Fire game has in India, then let us tell you that there are around 80-85 million active users in the whole world, according to the Indian Game Industry Leaders Group, about 10% of Indian gamer are still there. Who is an active user of Daily Free Fire.

Free Fire One Day Income in Indian Rupees?

For your information, let us tell you that India has become the 5th largest gaming market in the world. And the gaming community of E-Sports is growing very fast. And people like to play. In India too, the e-sports industry is growing very fast. In which tournaments are being organized on behalf of big gaming company, which includes Free Fire, COD, Call of Duty, PUBG all these companies.

At present, the active user of Free Fire in India is above about 30 million, it is very difficult to estimate this. If a user spends even about 100 rupees in Free Fire in a day, then it becomes 30 million US dollars i.e. Free Fire earns $30 US dollars only from India. Which in itself is a huge amount.

Free Fire income per day in world?

According to the reports, it is also being said that the biggest reason for the increase in the daily actor user of Free Fire was the increase of Free Fire active users in India due to the ban of PUBG in India. A lot of Indian E-sports lovers started playing Free Fire. Still free fire game is one of the popular game in India. Let us now know how much money Free Fire earns in a day.

How much money does Free Fire earn in 1 day?

If we talk about Free Fire's World Wild earnings, then there is no limit in it, but in the recently released Sensor Tower, a report has claimed that Free Fire World Wide has earned about $ 59 million US dollars in May 2021. . Which alone, it is only the reports of the month of May, in which $ 59 million dollars have been earned. So according to this, the earning of Free Fire 1 day is $ 1.9 million US dollars, which is a very big amount.

How does free fire make money?

Free Fire game is one of the most popular game in the world, whose active user is also the most in comparison to other games as well as its earning methods are also different in which –

1. In Game Store
2. Sponsorship
3. Collaboration

In all these ways, Free Fire earns the most. Similarly, PUBG Mobile, the biggest competitor of Free Fire, earns in the same way but the biggest source of income of Free is the game store.

1. In Game Store

Friends, let us tell that Garena is the biggest and man income source of Free Fire in game store, in which the user can make the virtual world completely dangerous and more skins, characters and guns skin to improve all of these, the user free fire money. You can buy all these virtual goods by giving.

2. Sponsorship

Garena Free Fire's second biggest earning is through sponsorship Yes, the company of Free Fire, Garena has partnered with different brands for the upcoming e-sports tournament in which the brand has to advertise on behalf of the company. Money is given.

3. Collaboration

As you know Free Fire is one of the world's most famous battle ground game because of which Garena collaborates with famous personalities from various organizations from time to time. Which in turn can sell more in-game items through marketing to Free Fire. This is also the method of free fire with the help of which earn profit.


So today we have to know how much free fire earns in a day and how much is its income, if you want more information then you can ask us in the comment section.

When was free fire launched

Free Fire was launched on December 4, 2017.

how much does free fire earn

Free Fire game is about $1.9 million US dollars a day.

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