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If you are thinking of making your own website on the Internet, then you will first need Domain and Web Hosting, now you must be wondering what is Domain? And what is web hosting, so let me tell you that domain is the address of any website like extrasupport.net, this is the address of the website, which by searching in the website, you can reach my website or anyone's website.

How Does it Work?

Any file on the website needs a place to be placed on it. It is called Hosting in internet language. People who initially come to the Internet to create websites or blogs do not know well about it and they buy any hosting and create a website or blog on it which they have to regret later so..

In today's article, we will tell you what is web hosting and how it works and how many types of hosting are there and knowing about many things, then let's start.

What is Web Hosting?

If you want to create a website or blog, then you have bought the domain, when someone visits that website, then the content that is inside the website, such as video, article, image, song or any thing that is a file, store it. It has to be done on Sever so that whenever someone visits our site, immediately he sees that content, if someone says in another language, we create a website on the Internet, buy a domain and hosting, then need a place to keep your file on the Internet. We call it Web Hosting in the language of the Internet, you must have come to know what is Web Hosting.

If we turn around and speak, we Coding for whatever website we create. Those who are coding files or image files and whatever our data remains, we store them in Sever so that anyone who opens our website from anywhere and whoever has the Sever who already has our file is open directly. The file that is in different languages HTML, CSS, JAVA Scripts, php etc. There are so many websites on the Internet from where you can buy web hosting.

Type of Hosting Server?

If you are going to buy a server for the first time, then let us tell you that there are 2 types of servers.

  • Windows server
  • Linux server

Types of Web Hosting?

So you must have come to know that how many types of servers are there, there are different types of hosting, so let me tell you that hosting is also of many types, consider if you have created a new website, on which not many people visit. If so, you do not need to take a big server because there are many types of servers, so let me tell you that there are 4 types of web hosting.

  1. Shared Hosting
  2. VPS Hosting
  3. Dedicated Hosting
  4. Cloud Hosting

And will know who can use which hosting, what are its advantages and disadvantages and if you website is new and visitors come to work on it, then which hosting should be used and if your website has more or daily you site But if millions of people visit, then which hosting would be right for you.

What is shared Hosting?

If you have created a new website, then you should buy shared hosting because in this you get less space than other hosting. And many more people are sharing in that room, in the same way share hosting works.

As you know from the name itself, this is shared hosting, in this many websites are using the same server because you are using one server and many websites are using its RAM, CPU, so like your website. But if a lot of visitors come at once, then the speed of your website slows down and if possible, at that time you may not even have the website open or you may get to see an error.

Benefits of shared hosting

  • It's quite cheap
  • Good enough for them if you are creating a new website or blog
  • It can also help you use it easily

Loss of shared Hosting

  • His Security is not that good
  • In this you get to limited resource access
  • Having many websites on the same server leads to low speed

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS's full name is Virtual private Server. It's better than in shared hosting and you can consider VPS as a mixture of Shared and Dedicated in which you Dedicated Server but it's Virtual Server the server and not getting physical Server. Let's understand it in detail.

Suppose in this you have a server box which is divided into different equal parts, in which you get very good speed and bandwidth compared to shared hosting and in this you get more RAM and more CPU power than shared hosting and It is costlier than shared hosting, in which the speed is good even if more visitors come to your website.

Benefits of VPS Hosting

  • You get to see more RAM and CPU power in it
  • You won't lose speed even if you visitor more than shared hosting
  • You can use the website if it's a little too big
  • You get to see good speed in it
  • You get Privacy and Security very well in it
  • You also get good customer support

Loss of VPS Hosting

  • You need to have good information to use it
  • In this you get less resource than Dedicated Hosting
  • It gives you a little work speed compared to dedicated hosting

What is  Dedicated Hosting?

It gives you a much better speed than Shared and VPS hosting If your website is as big as Flipkart and Amazon on which millions of people visit in 1 minute, you can take Dedicated Hosting it gives you more RAM and CPU power of Top Level. You don't have any limitations on anything.

Like shared and VPS hosting, dedicated sever is very expensive because only you have the right to its entire server and it is very expensive because only your site is being hosted on its entire server and this server Complete control is in your hands, in that you can handle a lot of traffic easily, in this you get about 16GB of RAM and processor of i5 or i7, which increases its speed a lot.

Benefits of Dedicated hosting

  • If too much traffic on your site can easily withstand 
  • These are much secure than all hosting
  • It is also the highest Stable
  • It gives you the Full Root Access of Client

Loss of Dedicated hosting

  • It is much more expensive than hosting
  • You must have a good Technical Knowledge to control it
  • You can't solve your problem yourself on this

What is Cloud Hosting?

It's just a hosting like all hosting Shared &VPS hosting is a problem that you get less resource it has a limit of storage and capacity but most websites don't reach its limit but sometimes some content on our website goes viral so suddenly traffic increases on it which makes it difficult to handle so We find a solution to this problem on Cloud Storage It's not an upper server but a lot of servers that host their website together Cloud Hosting.

Cloud hosting does not allow your website to slow down the speed even if your website has high volume traffic. Load balance is done in cloud web hosting, in this special attention is given to your security.

Benefits of Cloud Hosting

  • This server is very low in chance of being down because it stores your files on the cloud.
  • High traffic can be easily handled here.

Loss of Cloud Hosting

  • It's very expensive
  • It does not facilitate Root Access

How to Buy Hosting?

Before buying web hosting, pay attention to some such things so that you do not have to regret later.


The first thing you see when buying a hosting is how quickly your website is opening if your website has high quality content written on it and SEO well and your website is not opening quickly, it will not rank well.

Disk Space

While buying hosting, you should see that how much storage you are getting. Disk storage means that how much storage you have for hosting, such as you have 500 GB or 1TB of storage in your laptop or computer, in the same way your hosting There is also storage if you should go for a plan with unlimited disk space as the risk of disk bloating in your future will be reduced to a great extent.


Bandwidth means how many people are visiting your website in 1 second and how much data they can access, we call it bandwidth whenever a user accesses your website and by using your hosting's server, sharing the usage information. Therefore, buy hosting only from the hosting provider that gives you more bandwidth, if the bandwidth of your website is less, then if more people visit your website at a time, then the speed of your website will be slow.


The time your website is online or available is called use Up-time Mind that sometimes some problem causes your website to speed down or the website does not open. We call it bandwidth and nowadays all the companies rely on 99.99% Up-time

Customer Support

If there is any problem in your website or if the website gets closed or any other problem comes, then it is very important to see how soon you get support, there are many companies that give you 24 x 7 support, so you have to If you want to take any hosting, then you must see this thing that how soon your hosting provider corrects you if you have any problem.

How does it work?

There are many companies for web hosting, which allow website owner to host website on their own server, which takes some money from us every month. Whenever someone opens our website through the Internet to upload it, then presents all the files in front of the user.

Best Web Hosting Server?

There are many websites on the Internet that charge us a few rupees in exchange for the hosting facility that provides.

I am telling you in the name of some hosting company from where you can buy hosting.

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