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If you use Microsoft Office or are going to learn Microsoft Office programs, then it may be beneficial for you to know LibreOffice, LibreOffice is an alternative to Microsoft Office.

What is LibreOffice?

LibreOffice is an office suite similar to Microsoft Office, if you know about Microsoft Office then you must have seen that features like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Access are available in it.

Similarly, you will get all the tools in LibreOffice Writer too. Like - Writer document instead of MS Word, Calc spreadsheet instead of Excel, Impress presentation instead of PowerPoint, Base database instead of MS Access.

Apart from this, Math Formula to write mathematical formulas and Draw Drawing feature will also be available to make drawing.

Components of LibreOffice

  • LibreOffice Writer Document- (Word processor, compatible with Microsoft Word)
  • LibreOffice Calc Spreadsheet- (Spreadsheet editor, compatible with Microsoft Excel)
  • LibreOffice Impress Presentation- (Presentation software, compatible with Microsoft PowerPoint)
  • LibreOffice Draw Drawing- (Vector graphics editor)
  • LibreOffice Math Formula- (Mathematical formula creation and editing)
  • LibreOffice Base Database- (Database management, compatible with Microsoft Access)

What is LibreOffice Writer?

LibreOffice Writer is a word processor just like MS Word. The way we work on MS Word, we can do the same thing in LibreOffice Writer. Its file extension is ".odt". In this also any file or document can be edited, printed and saved. Like MS Word, all the options and menus are given here.

What is LibreOffice Impress?

LibreOffice Impress is a software like MS PowerPoint in which you can edit and create presentations, slides, images, videos, media etc. and then save them later. Its file extension is ".odp".

What is LibreOffice Calc?

LibreOffice is also a software like MS Excel which contains all the official calculations, formulas, which are used to create Banking Chart, Yearwise data chart, student percentages, calendar dates, etc. In this too all the same work can be done that we have been doing in MS Excel till now. Its file extension is ".ods".

LibreOffice Vs MS Office 

Difference Between LibreOffice and MS Office

LibreOfficeMS Office
Free and open source softwareMonthly or annual fee has to be paid
Application size is also very small which you can download easilyApplication size is also huge which you can't download easily
Get updates soonUpdates are not available frequently
Works in all types of operating systemsWorks only on Windows and Apple OS operating systems
LibreOffice has a dashboard from where you can view and run all the applications simultaneouslyYou can view and run all applications simultaneously

System requirements to be installed on the computer?

If you have Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 8, Windows Server 2012, or any of Windows 10 then you can use this software easily.

Talking about the processor, it will work even if you have a Pentium III. The RAM for this software is at least 256 MB and the hard disk space is at least 1.5 GB, even then it can be easily installed in the computer.

So this was the basic information about LibreOffice, if you want more information related to it, then you can ask by commenting.

How to get LibreOffice?

You can download the LibreOffice Suite from the official Site:- https://www.libreoffice.org/ Click And Download LibreOffice

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