What is Focus mode on my android phone? | how to use focus mode? | focus mode mean?

A new feature called Focus Mode is being seen in many new Android phones, which can be very useful for many users. You must have also seen this new feature called Focus Mode in the Settings or Notification bar of your phone. So what is this new feature focus mode, let's know about it.

What is Focus Mode On My Android Phone?

Focus Mode is a new feature found in Android phones that is a part of the Digital Wellbeing Tool and Parental Controls settings. Focus mode pauses selected apps or games in the phone for some time so that the user's attention does not get distracted while doing any work.

When you are doing some work, there are many such apps in your smartphone, which get your attention and due to this, the work is not fully focused. Sometimes the notifications of apps also bother people.

So if you want to reduce distracting activities during your work, then Focus Mode can be of great use to you. It also helps in managing your time better.

In focus mode, users can select apps that they find distracting. In this, any app and game can be selected.

When an attempt is made to open such apps or games in the phone, the focus mode reminds the user that this app has been kept on hold for some time. Also, the notification of the selected app in Focus Mode is also silenced.

Users can turn off Focus Mode in their phone at any time and can start it back anytime. Focus Mode is available in all devices that come with the Android operating system, in which the Digital Wellbeing tool is available.

How to use Focus Mode?

1. To use Focus Mode in your phone, you have to go to the Settings of your phone.

2. In the phone's settings, you have to go to the Digital Wellbeing & Parental Controls option.

3. After going into it, you will see the option of Focus Mode at the bottom of the Way To Disconnect section.

4. After going to Focus Mode, you will see a list of all the apps, out of which you can choose such apps which can be distracting for you.

5. After selecting Apps, by going to Turn on now, focus mode is started and distracting apps or games are stopped.

6. After this, to turn off the focus mode, you can go to the Turn Off now option or you can turn off the Focus Mode for some time with the Take a break option.

Apart from this, the option of Set a Schedule is also available in the focus mode, in which the user can set the time to start or stop the focus mode according to him.

You can also set the focus mode in the notification bar of your phone and start it directly by going to the focus mode icon.

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