How to Report fake Facebook account | Delete Facebook fake Account

Facebook has the most active users in India, so it is obvious that Facebook Fake Account will also be the most in India. There are many users who are misusing it by creating a Facebook Fake Account with a name like Priya Roy. Today I am going to tell here that How to Report fake Facebook account ? or How to Delete Fake Facebook Account? If there is also a Fake Facebook Account in your name which is using your name, photo. So you can delete it in this way.

Delete Facebook fake Account?

How to Delete Fake Facebook Account?

According to Facebook Privacy & Policy, if someone else has created a Fake Account in your name. So the you cannot access it Login or Direct Delete by itself. But Facebook provides some such Features & Tools. With the help of this, you can request or report from Facebook that it should delete your Fake Facebook Account. For this you just have to follow some steps.

Step by step Guide Report fake Facebook account?

  • First of all you have to open Fake Facebook Account and go to its Profile.
  • Now where there will be an option of Message, you will get 3 Dot in its side, you click on it and here you will get the option named Report, click on it.
  • As soon as you click on Report Option, a small Pop Up Box will open in front of you. Here you will get four options, you select the Report This Profile option and click on Continue.
  • Now again the popup box will open in which there will be many options, you have to select “This is a fake account” option. After that click on Continue.
  • Now you click on Submit to Facebook for Review option and complete the request process. After some time Facebook Community will review the account you have reported. If that account is Fake then Facebook will delete it.

Note: Nowadays many people create Facebook account in the name of girls and download any girl's photo from Facebook and put it on profile and post wrong things in that account. People start considering her characterless from the profile of the girl on the Direct Profile Photo. Many times it has happened that the marriage of girls is broken due to Fake Facebook Account. I wrote this post so that if any girl / boy is being misused by creating a Fake Facebook Account. So he can delete Fake Facebook Account through this trick.

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