What is BIOS? | BIOS Update | BIOS Setup? | BIOS Function? | BIOS Update? | Reset BIOS

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What is BIOS? | BIOS Update? | BIOS Setup? | BIOS Function?

What is BIOS?

It is a type of firmware or software which is installed on the computer to ensure that all the hardware components are capable of working with the help of computer system power on self test. The computer system is started only after ascertaining the condition of the hardware components.


If you understand in simple words, in order to work on a computer, the microprocessor of your computer must know which components are connected to your computer device. But if your computer sits macroprocessor then check this booting process, it will take a long time and your computer will last longer.

And to check the same booting process, a software named BIOS was created. And it keeps track of all the input and output devices of your computer system. And to check the input and output devices on the computer whether they are connected or not. And then sends this data to the microprocessor installed in the bios computer, and your computer is on.

Main function of bios 

The functionality of the BIOS is divided into four important parts.

  1. POST(Power On Self Test)
  2. CMOS setup
  3. Bootstrap loader
  4. BIOS driver

Who invented BIOS?

Gary Kildall was the first person to develop the BIOS. And it was used in the motherboard of pc in 1974.

BIOS Full Form

  • Basic input output device

BIOS Setup Setting

BIOS setup is a type of program or software. With the help of which we can configure the hardware settings of our computer system. This is often referred to as the CMOS setup. With the help of BIOS setting, we can configure the following types of hardware settings like:-

BIOS Setup Setting

Loading of the BIOS Setup Default
Changing the booting order
Creation or deletion of the BIOS Password
Setting or Changing the Date and Time
Changing Floppy Disc, Hard Drive or CD/DVD Settings
Check Memory Installed status
Enabling or Disabling the Computer Logo
Enabling or Disable the Quick POST
Enable or Disable the CPU Internal Cache
Enable or Disable the Caching of BIOS
Change CPU Settings
Change Memory Settings
Change System Voltages
Enable or Disable RAID
Enable or Disable Onboard USB,
Enable or Disable Audio ports and serial/ parallel Ports
Enable or Disable Onboard Floppy Controller
Enable or Disable ACPI
Change the Boot Up NumLock Status
Change the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Type
Change the Power Button Function
Change Power-on Settings
Change Which Display is Initialized First on Multi-Display Setups
Reset Extended System Configuration Data (ESCD)
Enable or Disable BIOS Control of System Resources
Change and view Fan Speed Settings
View CPU and System Temperatures
View System Voltages

How to access BIOS SETTING?

The BIOS is an important part of configuring the hardware setting, so we must know how to access the BIOS setting. Some key combinations are used to access the bios. Often these key combinations may vary according to different BIOS manufacturers. We will know all the company's bios key combinations:

BIOS Keys by Manufacturer

1. Acer :- F2 or DEL
2. ASRock :- F2 or DEL
3. ASUS :- F2 for all PCs, F2 or DEL for motherboards
4. Aorus :- F2 or DEL
5. Dell :- F2 or F12
6. ECS :- DEL
7. Gigabyte :- F2 or DEL
8. HP :- ESC or F10
9. Lenovo (Desktops) :- F1
10. Lenovo (Desktops) :- F1
11. Lenovo (ThinkPads) :- Enter + F1.
12. Lenovo :- F2 or Fn + F2
13. Microsoft Surface Tablets:- Press and hold the volume up button.
14. MSI :- DEL for motherboards and PCs
15. Origin PC :- F2
16. Samsung :- F2
17. Sony :- F1, F2, or F3
18. Toshiba :- F2
19. Zotac :- DEL

You can also open Bios setting if this Key Combination of your computer doesn't work or you can't press this Key Combination and you're windows on, steps you can still open the Bios setting.

  • ·        First go to 'Settings'
  • ·        click on 'Update & security'
  • ·        click on 'Recovery'
  • ·        click on Choose 'Restart now'
  • ·        After the computer restarts,
  • ·        click 'Troubleshoot' from menu
  • ·        click on 'Advanced options'
  • ·        Select 'UEFI Firmware Settings'

And if you are using Linux and Ubuntu OS and you want to open BIOS setting then you can open BIOS by typing "sudo systemctl reboot -firmware" at command prompt.

How to update BIOS?

Our computer must be Update BIOS to operate new software or hardware function that will come in the future | Update of BIOS adds additional functions to the PC. At the same time, the Errors and Bugs of the computer are also destroyed|

You can BIOS update Download by going to the Motherboard manufacturers official website to update your Bios.

  • E.g.: HP, Dell, Intel, Gigabyte etc.

How to Reset BIOS?

Sometimes, the settings of the bios get messed up unintentionally and problems arise in booting the system. And we are facing troubles, in such a situation you can reset your BIOS setting to default. For this, some steps are given below, with the help of whose, you can do "Bios reset".

  • First press and hold the computer's power button for 10 seconds
  •  You may not completely shut down the computer so far
  • Restart the computer now
  • Press your computer's BIOS key
  • Select the "Restore Defaults" option
  • Now press F10 key
  • Now press Enter key to save all changes
  • Finally exit the BIOS screen.
  • Now you've got Bios setting reset

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