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Friends, Today we will talk about Error 404. Try to find out what Error 404: what Page means and how to fix it. When we communicate through HTTP, the server needs to respond to that request, such as a Web browser for a Web page, a numerical response code, an optional, mandatory, or rejected message (based on status code). In code 404, the first digit that occurs indicates a client error, such as the wrong Uniform Resource Locator (URL) and the remaining two digits indicate a specific error. Here, the use of three-digit code in HTTP is similar to the code used in earlier protocols such as FTP and NNTP. 

How to fix 404 error not found? 

At the HTTP level, the 404 response code is an easy-to-read "Reason Phrase" by a human. The specification by HTTP suggests the release of the phrase "Not Found" and a HTML page by default by several web servers that includes both 404 codes and phrases of both "not found." Where 404 errors often return when these pages are moved or deleted. In earlier Case, 301 Moved used to employ URL mapping or URL redirection better by permanently responding, which can be configured through most server configuration files or URL rewrite; Whereas in the second Case, 410 Gone should be returned. Both these options require special server configuration, most of which the website does not use.

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Error 404: Page Meaning?

You know that when you click a link to get a Web site, but instead of receiving the site you want to view, an error indicates that this requested page is not available, i.e. '404 Not Found'. Then we Question what Error 404: Page means. Error 404 is a HTTP status code and this message is sent to the Web browser (usually client) from an online presence webserver. When it is sent at the request of the HTTP, the Web browser displays this Error Code.

How to fix Error 404 not found?

Page 404 does not mean that this information is no longer available at all. In many cases, the solution to this original error is very easily found and the visitor can be quickly directed to the web page that he is basically looking for. If you really want to correct 404 Error? So you can try these possible solutions:

Reload Page: This Error 404 may have appeared for a simple reason that ends when the Page is properly loaded. So it can be easily checked by clicking the refresh button in your browser or pressing the F5 button.

Check URL: Even if you have manually entered the URL or clicked through a link, it may have made a mistake, so you must check the specified URL of the website. So check the infallible words, letters, numbers, slash and symbols in that 'clean' URL, as it contains many unreadable words.

Go back through guided levels: For example, if a URL Directory1/Directory2/Directory3 of a lower structure causes 404 Error Page, you need to clear only the last directory of that URL to check if this desired page is attached. Because the link to the page you are looking for should appear on the previous page. If it is not found on that page, you can return to the previous page and then look for the correct link from there.

Use website Search Function: Many websites provide a search function in a part of their homepage. Where you can search for the specific page you are looking for, by entering one or several keywords.

Use a search engine: You also have the possibility of finding and using the website of your choice. As long as that desired site exists, you can use the website domain/domain to access the site. Or may be able to find it through keyword transcription.

Delete browser cache and cookies: If you access the specified website from another device, and the HTTP 404 error appears only on a certain computer, this problem may occur with your browser. So you should delete the browser cache as well as all cookies for this site, after which you may be allowed to access that page.

Contact the website: If none of the above suggestions are successful, the remaining option in that case is only the person responsible for that website/website. People can only be contacted. Contact information can usually be found only on the 'Contact Us' page of that website. Where the operators of the website will provide you with information on whether the page you are looking for actually exists, or that page has been moved to a new URL.

HTTP 404 error?

Such a site would have had a negative impression in search engines, such as Google and Bing. If a crawler is getting 404 codes with multiple requests, it is believed that the site is not created correctly. So Dead links badly affect the ranking of any site and their ranking in Google SERPs begins to decrease and may also stop ranking even if there is a very high 404 error page. This significantly reduces the number of visitors on that website.

If that page is full of broken links and the landing page (page accessed from search engine results) is also dead, visitors lose their trust in that site. If a site is regularly experiencing such a problem, make sure users find out if the content that is still needed on that site is available.

How to identify 404 error on website.

HTTP it is important for website operators to prevent 404 Pages, to apply internal 404 Error pages on their website as well as external 404 error pages on other sites. Today there are a variety of free tools available to help you find these broken links more easily. Three of the best and most famous are:

Google Search Console: If you already have your Google account and registered your own website, you should use the search console option Google. Any 404 errors found by Google crawler are displayed in the web tool where these can be corrected. Additionally functions enable you to find errors in robots.txt files and by using crawling data you can determine how often your site has been crawled by Google crawler.

Dead Link Checker: Dead link checker is the simplest and fastest tool to find 404 pages that are internally and externally connected. Enter the URL of any site you want to inspect through this Web app and then start the check. Here you have the option to check a single Web page or the entire site. This app lists status codes and URL as well as all tracked error pages.

W3C Link Checker: This online tool of the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) is particularly wide, it takes longer to verify links than other websites in the process of testing individual website pages. W3C link checker also works like dead link checker: You enter URL here and this tool lists all pages. 

How to create 404 error Page?

Some content management systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Joomla and Drupal automatically generate a 404 error page when URL is not found on these websites. Here HTTP 404 pages are only a simple standard error message, but it can be personalized using CMS extensions. If your CMS doesn't give you the option to create or change your 404 Page, and your website is based entirely on HTML, PHP, etc., it will be a little more complicated for you. You can create an error page by using the following procedure:

  • Create an error page ('404.html' or '404.php') in Root Directory (if it does not already exist).
  • Open the .htaccess file in Root Directory (or create one if necessary), then enter it in 'Error Document 404/404.html' and Save it. This code will generate a Error page.
  • To see if it is working correctly, you try to access the missing webpage and here's hoping that you will see error 404 messages in the browser. 

How to personalize 404 error page?

Standard 404 is better than having an error page, even though a customized page is preferred for many reasons. This allows you to ensure that the visitor must receive an exact HTTP status code: For example, if a requested content is no longer available on the site, the requested content is notified with the message '410 gone' in that case. Where the visitor discovers that the content has now been permanently deleted.

On the other hand, you can provide a specially designed error page that contains related links (i.e. links to your homepage or subpages where content overlaps, which the visitor basically requests). You can add a Search Function to your website, which allows you to prevent visitors from leaving the site after viewing 404 codes on the site.

With a creative 404 message, you can also learn how forgiving your visitors are to you. Naturally, they would be disappointed not to find that content there, but you could have created a basic or fun 404 pages for them again. If this is done correctly, the visitors do not decrease even after these error pages.

Make sure that the design of the error message matches the style of your website and that you already have the foundation for a good 404 error page. If you tell the visitor in a witty and light way that your content is no longer available, you expect you to get a smile from them instead and keep your grip on them, it will be very difficult. So build a quiet and creative 404 pages. 

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