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Hello Guys, there are many different career options in the field of technology, for which each one has the required eligibility, one such eligibility is to be able to operate the computer, that is, if you have this qualification or ability within you. There is also a very good option for this, under which you can earn money by becoming a computer operator. In today's post, we are going to talk about what is a computer operator?

How much is its job details and salary, so let's move forward.

Data Entry JOB requirements

What is Computer Operator?

You have heard the name of Computer Operator, then you must have also heard the name of DEO, where DEO's Full Form is Data Entry Operator, both of them belong to the same category, in fact both are the same where Data Entry Operator is called Computer Operator. It is said that just a computer operator is not limited to data entry, it is necessary to come to other work related to the computer.

What Knowledge is required to become a computer operator?

By the way, it is not necessary for a computer operator to have much knowledge in any subject. But still there are some things about which they should have some knowledge. Let us know more about this.

Educational Qualification – If I talk about educational qualification, then having +2 pass or intermediate is also very much, while in some places graduation (up to graduation) is demanded. In some places a Computer Diploma (6 months) is also very much. Actually it depends on which position you are applying for or which department you have to work later. Because according to the posts and job profile, there is a demand for educational qualification.

Typing Speed – Since the main job of an operator is to enter the data, therefore high typing speed is a very important link in the selection of DEO. By the way, if the candidate is able to type well in both English and Hindi, then the chances of getting selected are high. Talking about Typing Speed, then minimum 35 words per minute is more than then it is considered as a good typing speed. If you think that you have that much speed then you can apply for the post.

Knowledge of Language – In this job profile, an operator has to type in both English and Hindi many times. In such a situation, if the operator does not have knowledge of the language, then he will have difficulty in typing both. You have to type by seeing many times, while you have to type by listening many times, so in such a situation, if you do not have knowledge of the language, then it is very difficult to do the work of this operator. That is why it is necessary to be strong on language.

Computer Knowledge – Data Entry Operator always has to work in Computer only. Therefore, if the operator does not have any knowledge about the computer, then he is going to find this work very difficult. Along with typing in this work, one should know how to operate Microsoft Word, Microsoft Powerpoint and Microsoft Excel. Apart from this, sending email which should also be done using basic technology.

Computer Operator age limit

  • Age Limit of Data Entry Operator – 18 to 28 years
  • Age Limit of Computer Operator – 18 to 30 years

How much salary does the computer operator get?

If we talk about the salary of the computer operator. So guys it all depends on it. Of which sector he is working in. Or in what sector he has apply. India mainly consists of two types of sector.

One is private sector and the other is government sector. If you apply to job computer operator in private sector. So in this sector you get comfortably ranging from Rs. 14,000 to Rs. 25,000.

Same if you apply for computer operator job in Government sector. So in this you get comfortably from Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 20,000.

But it all depends on this thing. What's going to happen profile your job. If you work in a large department or in a firm.

How is Computer Operator selected?

Whenever a computer operator job comes out in a sector. So he takes his test before putting anyone here. It can be of two types test. One is written test and the other is typing test. Written test see how much information you know about the computer.

Your typing speed and error rate are seen in the same typing test. Error rate means that when you do type. Or do some kind of data feed on the computer. So how much you make a mistake. This makes the appoint company know this. How much ability do you have

When you pass this test, you have an oral interview. But you don't have to be interviewed. Because there are many such goverment sector and private sector. Where your interview is not taken. Rather, you just have to pass test.

The same are the private sector where written tests as well as oral interview are taken. All this will depend on your job profile and the firm that appoint you.

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