HTML Tutorial : How to Learn HTML Coding For Beginners?

Learning HTML this web programming language is very easy. You manage to create your own web document with a few hours of training.

Below we are explaining different ways of learning HTML. By which you will be able to learn HTML sitting at home yourself.

  1. Learn Online
  2. Join Web Designing Course
  3. Buy Books
  4. Take offline tutoring
  5. Learn from YouTube

HTML Tutorial

1. Learn Online HTML

Nowadays digital education is dominated. Therefore, you can Free HTML Training from an online source as per your own.

Hundreds of sites exist on the Internet. Who are giving free training of HTHL. Below are some popular web portals being named. From where you can learn HTML for free.


2. Join Web Designing Course

If you can't learn online. And you like the traditional education system. So you can go to any nearby institute and take admission in a web designing course.

In this course, you are provided with HTML as well as training of other web techniques such as CSS and Java Script.

Therefore, you keep a close watch on your budget and the institute's credibility. Select it and start training by taking admission.

During this training you get experience of working on live projects and a certificate is also issued after completing your studies. Which is an essential document to prove your ability.   

3. Buy Books HTML

Books are the basis for learning any skill. Through these we are virtually connected to the author. And take direct advantage of their knowledge.

Therefore, you start learning through examples yourself by buying from the Best HTML Books market for self-learning and theoretical knowledge.

We have full faith. If you follow the instructions in the book, you'll learn to create 100% webpages.

4. Take offline tutoring

Well it's similar to joining the course. However, the only difference is that you don't get admission in courses and so on. Only, take training from neighborhood HTML Master.

This training benefits more than an institute training. Because you are the only one who learns you. And you also get work experience.

Because, most tutors that give such tutoring are freelancers. And make a living by freelancing. Therefore, they have many projects.

5. Learn from YouTube

Nowadays a new platform for YouTube learning is emerging. Especially in India, the craze is a little too much.

Since, YouTube studies are free. Therefore, students prefer it.

However, we cannot consider the HTML Videos available on YouTube to be very important in terms of quality. Nor are videos made from trusted sources in this way. Therefore, YouTube learning is always viewed with suspicion. And considers it less reliable. The rest of the fans you have to do.

HTML Basic Tags

Let's learn about some of his basic tags. HTML tag is completely different from other text with which html code is written. HTML tags keywords that we keep within closed brackets, such as <html>. tags allows us to give new forms to our website, using images, tables, colors, etc. to create webpage.

Different tags work differently. When you view your html page through browser, it doesn't show all these tags, but only their effects. HTML contains thousands of tags that we use to make website. Let me tell you about some of the special tags that are very important to make website. HTML comment is written before you start writing coding to show author what that html page is designed for.

Some Basic HTML Tags

  • 1. HTML tag – <html>
  • 2. Head tag- <head>
  • 3. Title tag- <title>
  • 4. Body tag- <body>
  • 5. Heading tag- <h1>
  • 6. Paragraph tag- <p>
  • 7. Line break tag- <br/>
  • 8. Centering content tag- <center>
  • 9. Horizontal line tag- <hr>

Example Basic HTML Document

<title> HTML Tutorial </title>
<h1> How to Learn HTML </h1>
<p> Hypertext markup language </p>

Here <! DOCTYPE Html> is a kind of manifesto for computers. Through which the computer is told that the prepared Document Html language.

After that, Web page is started from Html opening tag (<html>). All the other tag html Opening come between tag and Html Closing tag.

Head tag (<head>) is applied under Html tag. In the meantime, title tag (<title>) is applied. After writing title, it is closed with the help of title Closing tag (</title>), then head tag is also closed with its closing tag (</head>).

Now body tag (<body>) begins. Heading and paragraph etc. below it. heading tag (<h1>), Paragraph tag (<p>) and their closing tag (</h1>) and (</p>) are installed for writing. After which the body tag is closed with its Closing tag (</body>).

Now, finally, the entire html Document is close with the help of Html closing tag (</html>).

Now Save this whole Document. There are a few things you have to pay attention to while Save this document. For example, .html File name, All files Save as file and Save Unicode by ANSI Select. After save the entire Document in html, you can check it by Browse it.

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