Alphabet F And J Keys | Why does the F and J keys have bumps on a computer keyboard?

Alphabet F And J Keys

If you work on a computer or laptop, you may have noticed that there is a small raised line on the Key of F and J Alphabet on the keyboard of the computer, Even after working for many years, most people do not know why this line is on the F and J of the Keyboard. It is a normal thing to happen but also very important. 

So let's know why this line is on F and J Key..

These lines are designed on these key so that you can place the position of both your hands correctly on the keyboard without looking at them. In this case, you can type well by placing the finger next to the thumb of the left hand on the F and the finger near the thumb of the right hand on the J and that too without looking this gives you a proper idea of the entire keyboard and makes it easier for you to type.

The number 5 on keyboards with a numeric keypad also has a percussion to help you position your hand on the key pad.

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