Computer Icon: what is an icon in computer | History of Icons | Types of icons in computer

To use or use a computer, we have to resort to Icons in the desktop window of the computer. In fact, Icons computer has a virtual presentation of store information, which acts as a means of accessing information. Today, we will find important information related to Computer Icons in this article. In terms of convenience, we have divided the information related to Icons into small topics, which are in this foreword form. 

What is an icon in computer?

So let's know Icons with the help of these topics.

  • ·       Computer Icons
  • ·       History of Icons
  • ·       Types of Icons
Computer Icons?

• The Apps, Programs, Folders, Files etc. seen in the Desktop of the computer are all called Desktop Icon. They are called desktop symbols of computers. If you try to learn a little deeper, Desktop Icon Graphical User Interface store data in our PC.

• Desktop Icon make way for access to store data in computers. Since our computer can only understand Digital Machine language and store our data in Digital form. But we cannot see our data in Digital form, so the computer talks to us through Desktop Icons through GUI (Graphical User Interface).

History of Icons?

• Desktop Icons Concept was first introduced by Apple in Macintosh in 1984. Earlier the computer used to work through CLI (Commond Line Interface).

• All the guidelines to the computer were given by predetermined command, keyboard was used for command.

• MS DOS and Apple DOS were the operating systems in vogue at that time.

• in 1985, Microsoft launched GUI based Windows 1.0. After that the world of computers changed, users were easily able to communicate with the computer through Icons.

Types Of Icons?

We can divide the Icons of the computer into the following category.

  • System Icons
  • Shortcut Icons
  • Program/Folder/Docs Icon
  • Start Button & Search Icon
  • Taskbar Icon

System Icons

When we install a Operating System in the computer, some Icons by Default come with it. These Icons can be seen on our desktop screens such as My Computer, My Documents, Recycle bin, Control Panel, Network etc.

My computer icon (This PC)

With this Icon, we can access the data inside the computer. When we next window open the My Computer, we see all the Drive of our computer (C, D, E), peripheral devices connected to it such as Pendrive, CD/DVD, computer Download File, Documents File, Music File, Picture, Videos etc. Store data in all these files is the real data of our computer, so this data should never be delete unnecessarily.

My Document Icon

If we save a file or data in our computer, it save in the data by Default, My Documents. So, with the help of My Documents Icon, we access the data file save.

Recycle Bin Icon

These Icon let us access files and data delete from the computer. If we delete any data or file that we store in the computer, it comes into the data or file Recycle bin. Therefore, it is also called computer garbage house or dustbin. If a important file is delete by mistake, it can be retrieved from the Recycle bin. If you want to delete a file directly, use shift + Delete key, so that the file does not go to the Recycle bin and Delete permanent directly. We should keep emptying the Recycle bin from time to time.

Note :– If a peripheral device like Pen drive, Hard disk, Memory Card etc. are connected to the computer and we have deleted its data, this data will be permanent Delete and will not go to Recycle bin. Therefore, special care should be taken while Delete the data of any peripheral device.

Control panel icon

As the name suggests, this Icon delivers to the main settings of the computer. Control Panel a system of different types of settings to manage the computer. With the help of which we can access many settings like Administrative tool, Time, User Account, Security, Windows Update.

Network Icon

With the help of Network Icon, we easily get information about Network group, Network Hard Drive, shared folder, Shared printer, Server etc. connected to our computer.

Shortcut icons

These Icons are generally similar to other Icon, but they have a Arrow at the bottom. Arrow informs that these Icon are not original Icon, but can only be accessed to the original Icon with the help of it.

Sometimes we ignorantly Icon Shortcut Icon and make it Cut, Copy, Paste, delete or share, but after today I hope we will not make this mistake.

Program/ Folder/ Docs Icon

System Icons on our desktop screen, Shortcut Icons and also Program/Program. Folder/ there are Docs. They are called Program/Folder/Docs Icon, they are Icon original Icons. There is no Arrow under them. These Program/1000 000 0 Folder/ Docs are files that we save on Desktop or Copy/paste directly from a peripheral device.

Start Button & Search Icon

The Icon Windows pic on the left side of our computer desktop screen at the bottom is called Start Button Icon. This Icon can be clicked on to reach Computer user, Docs, Pictures, Settings, Power Button etc. Start Button as well as Search Icon, we can search the store Data/Apps and settings directly on our computer.

Taskbar Icon

The bar that lives in the highlight at the bottom of our computer desktop window is called Taskbar. As its name suggests, there are show applications that are working in presents. Any open window can be minimized and reopened from Taskbar. Hence, open Apps Icons in Taskbar is called Taskbar Icon. A Apps can be right click and Pinned to Taskbar by going to the Pin to Bar.

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