What is an input device? | 14 Types Of Input Devices | Explain with examples and picture

Input devices

The input unit is responsible for accepting input i.e., data and instructions from the user. this work is accomplished with the help of input devices. Devices, in general, refers to an equipment.

  • Keyboard
  • Mouse
  • Joy Stick
  • Track Ball
  • Scanner
  • Digitizer 
  • Microphone ( MIC )
  • Concept keyboard
  • Touch screens
  • Light pen
  • magnetic stripe reader
  • Optical Mark Reader(OMR)
  • Optical Character Reader(OCR)
  • Magnetic Ink Card Reader(MICR)


keyboard is a typewriter like device which is used to type in the letters, digits and commands. A keyboard contains a matrix of switches ( one switch per key). Each key, when pressed, sends a digital code to the computer that determines which key has been pressed.

Input Device Keyboard


the is pointing device that points to a position on computer screen. mouse controls movement of pointer (also called mouse pointer) on screen. when a mouse moves on a flat surface, the cursor on the screen also moves in the direction of mouse's movement. A mouse generally has two or three buttons and it may or may not have a wheel.

Joy Stick

It is a short twisted stick that is used to move the cursor around. Some are fitted with joysticks keyboards and the rest of the buttons work separately. We mostly use this stick to play games.

The potansiometer is placed downwards in the joystick so that it movements. It is with the help of a potansiometer that his stick comes back to its place.

It also has a variety of buttons so that we can do the rest of the work easily. It also has a variety of signals so that they work very well.

Track Ball

Trackball is the input device of a computer which is a kind of cursor function on a computer screen. It is a ball-like device in a plastic box. Which is used to indicate a computer screen. You can use it easily with the finger or thumb of your hand.

Since the entire device is not moved, a track ball requires less space than a mouse. A track ball comes in different sizes like a ball, a button or a square.


A scanner is a device similar to a photocopier. A scanner creates an electronic form of the printed image, which can later be manipulated, changed and modified according to the requirements. scanners came in a variety of sizes from hand-held models to desktop models as discussed below:

  • Hand-held scanners are very small which can be held in a hand
  • Flatbed scanners are large and more expensive scanners but they definitely create higher quality images. These scanners have a flat surface on which the printed image to be scanned, is placed.
  • Drum scanners are medium-size scanners with a rolling drum. The sheet is fed through the scanners so that the drum rolls over the entire sheet to be scanned.


Digitizer is an input device that converts analog information into digital form. The digitizer can convert signals from television or camera into a series of numbers that can be stored in the computer. They can be used to photograph anything the computer points to the camera.

Digitizer is also known as tablet or graphics tablet as it converts graphics and pictorial data into binary input. A graphic tablet as digitizer is used for the good functions of drawing and image manipulation applications

Microphone ( MIC )

we can send sound input to computer through a special input device called microphone or mic in short. A mic converts the sound received into computer's format, which is called digitized sound or digital audio.

A mic can work if your computer has a special hardware known as sound card.

Barcode Reader

A barcode reader is used to read barcodes which can be found on products in shops. the barcode uses lasers to identify the position and thickness of the bars.

Bar Code Reader Input Devices

Concept keyboard

On a concept keyboard keys have a specific dedicated function. An example would be in a restaurant where there is a key for each different food item that might be bought.

Concept Keyboard Input Devices

Touch screens

A touch screen can detect where on the screen surface you are touching. Touch screens are often used in mobile devices such as phones and tablets where you would not have space for a traditional keyboard.

Magnetic stripe reader

A magnetic stripe can be found on the backs of many credit cards, security cards of hotel rooms to gain access to rooms etc.

data is encoded magnetically on the strip and read by a machine as it is swiped.


Optical Mark Reader(OMR)

optical mark reader that can read marks at designated positions such as the omr sheets you to answer questions on a multiple choice exam paper or survey.

Optical Character Reader(OCR)

optical character reader that can scan a printed document and convert it into editable text.

Magnetic Ink Card Reader(MICR)

MICR (MICR) is a device processing a check based on character recognition (Character recognition) technology with a scanner which reads printed magnetic ink character code on the cheque MICR encoding is also known as MICR line It is at the bottom of the cheque.

Light pen

light pen a light sensitive input device shaped like a pen, used to draw on the computer screen or to make menu selections.

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