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Friends, you must know what the mouse is and how to run it. The world is evolving at a very fast pace.  Every country today does not want to lag behind anyone in technology. That's why computers have started to be used in everything. You must know very well what the computer is.

Those who know what computers are will also know about what it is used. There are two types of devices used to work in the computer, which we also know as input and output devices.

What type of device is a mouse after all, input or output device, so let me tell you that through this we instruct the computer to work, which is why it is called an input device. We can do a variety of things with it, but do you know what these input devices are and how it works?

Friends, this is such an important part of the computer for us so it is important that we get every information about it. So that whenever we have to buy it, we can choose a good quality for ourselves as per our work.

So let's go into detail what a mouse is and what are its types

What is Computer Mouse?

Mouse is an input device that controls the pointer or cursor of the computer's screen. Through this pointer, we use files, folders, and all other options inside the computer to open, close, move from one place to another, to get information about them.

Because of all these things, it is also called Pointing device. Any computer user instruction the computer using this to see what to do. This way it works like a interface between the user and the computer. We can go to every part of the computer with its help.

Today, if we talk about the role of this device, I would like to point out that it is a very important part of it. How would you feel if you ever imagined that you didn't have this device and just had to work with a keyboard?

My experience was as if my hand had just been tied. Today, wireless icons and keyboards are in vogue in the market. A lot of people are taking advantage of using this.

What is Computer Mouse?

A computer is a device that is not just a part but has many parts. Just as a person has a brain, heart, hands, feet, eyes, ears, mouth, etc., and a different work is fixed for everyone and everything is very important, so computers have different parts for different tasks, just as human organs.

So if we say that humans use their hands to catch, pick up, move, use their feet to move from place to place. Now tell me how to do such things on a computer?

Yes, you're right, holding, picking, moving something inside a computer uses Mouse for these purposes. It works just like a hand and foot for us inside the computer.

Full Form Of Mouse

M- Manually

O- Operated

U- User

S- Selection

E- Equipment

Definition of Mouse in English 

Mouse is a pointing device that works based on X-Y direction by detecting the relative speed of the surface. Because of the pointer's speed, it allows the user to control and navigate the computer's interface.

Friends, it is also a strange question as to why this input device has been named Mouse. We all know what we call a mouse in common language, yes, it meaning means a rat. If you look at the structure of the rat's body, you will understand that it has a wire like a mouse, a elliptical shape like a tail.

This has reduced the use of keyboards and has been steadily improving every day, playing an important role in increasing the computer's ability to function.

When and Who made the Mouse?

It was invented in 1963 AD by Douglas Carl Engelbart (1925-2013) which was a American engineer and inventor. He used to work in Xerox Parc Corporation when he built it.

In the early stages, the user had doubts about its use, but since 1984 it has been so popular that you have seen how much it is used in computers today.

Interface of mouse pointer

When a user does something in a computer, how does he recognize the motion of it The answer is that it is a pointing device so one of its pointers appears in our Computer screen. These may be of different shape.  Symbol or graphical image.

We also know all these shapes as Mouse pointer and normally we can call it cursor. These location help us to work through it. The important thing is that this pointer or cursor change their appearance according to their work. You can also use the pointer of your choice.

Normally this computer is made in arrow shape what happens on the screen, cursor but it has a angle that makes it look slanting. This is because earlier low resolution screen, it was clearly visible because of the arrows. Today, according to operating system, their shape, size are different. Below you can view different interface of the pointer according to their work.

What are its basic functions?

Friends today we use computers so one hand keeps our device always holding. Understand one of our hands that helps us complete all the work inside the computer. Let's know what the normal functions of this are.

• cursor or it is used to move the pointer anywhere in the computer screen, you will touch it by hand and move a little bit so you can see the pointer move in the computer screen.

To select the files and folders in the Computer screen, move the pointer to it and click.

• can use it to open or close a Software, file, or folder.

• files is Drag and Drop by clicking from one location to location another without copy paste it.

• we can easily go to a long document by scroll to go down to read.

• we get to know about a file and document as soon as we move a pointer over it without opening it.

• can complete lots of tasks of a object through the Right click of this. Such as Open, Copy, Paste, Cut, Delete, Rename, Properties, etc.

Parts of Computer Mouse

They are of many types and may vary design and the parts used in it may also be different. I'm here to tell you about the design of a general mouse that happens mostly in.


Almost every mouse used these days must have at least 3 buttons. One is Left Button and the other is Right Button . Which we use to do all the work in any file. The third is the button with wheel that smooth use for scrolling.

Mouse Wheel

Today's Desktop mouse is wheel so that we can easily scroll up the page and come down above the scroll down page.

Ball, LED or Laser

Ball or roller are used in different types of this which we normally know as mechanical mouse. And this is how Laser or LED are used, we know it as Optical mouse. It is these roller and LED that help us track the pointer.

Circuit Board

Clicking by the Left and Right buttons is a circuit board to input the information of its activities in computer which is made using integrated circuit.

Cable or Wireless receiver

Computer is given wire in this to connect. Most of today's devices have USB port for cable connectivity. And if you use wireless device, you'll need a wireless port.

Types of Mouse

However, market have a variety of icons and are divided on the basis of their look, interface and connectivity. Desktop computer is most commonly used Optical mouse nowadays because of USB Port. touch pad is used as this in Laptop.  So let's know about its different types.


Corded – which we use cable to connect from computers. This cable is the only way to power supply in device. That's why it doesn't require external power. It has a lot of high level accuracy. There is no problem in data transfer.

Cordless (Wireless )

Cordless – which is not used to connect from a computer cable. It uses infrared, bluetooth, or radio waves to replace Cable with connectivity. That's why we call it wireless. A USB receiver is used that is applied to the USB port of the computer and it receive and works signal with wireless device.

Optical Mouse

They use light source that include LED and light detector. Which detect surface related movement through light. This is the standard form of mechanical mouse used before it. It has very little need to maintenance.

Mechanical Mouse

It is an input device that uses a metallic or rubber ball. When the ball inside move in any direction, the sensor inside it detect this movement and also move the pointer in the same direction in the screen of the computer.

How does the mouse work?

Friends, when someone sees it working for the first time, it wonders how it move in the computer screen as it move outside. That is why i want to know what it is technology that makes it good to do such things.

Let us also know the same thing in detail...

Method of working Roller ball

After all, how does it work? When we move roller above our pad, it starts rolling because of its weight and pushes the 2 plastic rollers in its against that are associated with thin wheels.

One of which detect the movement of the wheel up and down (Y-axis) and the other detect the wheel side to side movement which can also be spoken movement (X - axis). Now the question arises here as to how it knows the movement of your hand so accurately.

When you move it, it rollers move that moves one or both wheels. When you move mouse upright, it is a Y-axis wheel move.

The same is when right side moves X – axis wheel move.  But when we move a angle or a slant, then both are wheels move. This is how we see exact movement computer screen.

One of the highlights of this is that every wheel is made up of a plastic spoke.

The biggest problem of this is that it cannot be used in all kinds of surface. It requires a special pad on which roller can easily move.

It break light beam when it rotates wheel. The more often this wheel rotates, the more beam breaks down. So a pure count of the number of times beam breaks shows how far you've move Pointer.

Measuring and a microchip to counting sends all the information to the computer through cable. Based on the same information, the computer's software moves cursor in the screen.

Optical Mouse's work process

It works in a completely different way than roller ball. In this way, there is a LED at the bottom of it which produces shining light that goes directly to the desk or pad below its surface. What happens next to this is that it hits the Light desk and comes back to the photocell next to the LED inside it.

The Photocell has a lens in front of it that magnify the returning light so that the hand movement can detect better. As you move it, the reflected light pattern changes. The chip inside it shows what direction we are move it from our hath.

A Optical has 2 LED's. Light shine from a LED downwards that goes desk or pad. Which movement of cursor. The light emanating from LED others is behind to show whether it is working or not.

How Wireless Mouse work

There is nothing different about working in Wireless, it also works by detecting hand movements as in the rest. The only difference is that they don't use wire or cable to send all their data to the computer.

Uses wireless connectivity for this.  Most Bluetooth are used instead of USB cable for this purpose.

As you already know, USB cable not only takes data but also power to get enough power to work. But Bluetooth does not have cable, so it uses battery to power.

Being a battery, it weighs a little more than the rest. Moreover, it is important that Bluetooth consume sour battery, so battery constantly changing.

The biggest disadvantage of this is that it has to use a separate battery. Especially because of the use of Bluetooth, battery life is not much. The use of Battery also leads to weight gain.

How many buttons are there in the mouse?

By the way, generally you will see that the mouse nowadays has 3 buttons and a Scroll button. That is, scrolls have a Wheel and a button. Often we are Left and Right Click etc.

1. Left Button               

2. Right Button

3. Scroll Wheel & Button

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