What is Computer Virus? | Virus Protection | Types of Virus ? And Full Form Of Virus

Are you interested to know what is a computer virus? Everyone knows how to use the computer and people who use the computer must have heard the name of the virus.

Virus is a very familiar name in the world of internet. Along with this, it is also a very scary name because it is very harmful for your computer and other electronic gadgets. That is, if it enters the system once, then it can also spoil it and can also destroy your data.

Just like virus is not good for our health and they spread many diseases in our body, in the same way these virus also cause many damage in the computer system. Therefore, it is good for all computer users to keep information about them.

Many people will also know something about computer virus and what it does and what it does. But there are many people who may have heard the name of the virus but they will not know what the virus can do in your computer.

So today in this article i am going to tell you about what is a virus and how to kill the virus. Hopefully you will get to know a lot by reading this article.

What is computer virus?

Computer virus is a small software program that is designed to delete your computer's operation and computer data or access it.

Computer virus without our knowledge can spoil the system in such a way that it is not just about us to fix it. Computer lots

Software runs only from programs, without any program the computer cannot work.

Software programs are made to make the computer work properly and some programs are also made to spoil the work of the computer.

The human being invented the computer, his program was made by a human being to run the computer and as i said, the virus is also a small program, it has also been made by a human being. Computer virus is not natural, they are not made by themselves, programmers also make it consciously so that they can spoil other computers.

Or we can also say that virus are actually computer programs that are destructive rather than productive. Its basic purpose is to deliver damage to the place of providing help.

Virus full form

“vital information report under seize”


History of computer viruses?

Robert thomas, he was the first engineer who first developed a computer virus while working at bbn technologies in the year 1971.

Creeper message

This first virus was named "creeper" virus, and it was an experimental program that thomas himself had done to infect the mainframes of arpanet. After infecting the virus system, it displayed on the following message screen, "increased the creeper: catch me if you can."

The original wild computer virus that was first tracked was "elk cloner." this elk cloner had previously infected apple ii operating systems through floppy disks. This virus was developed by richard skrenta in 1982, which was a teenager at that time.

Suppose that computer viruses were designed according to prank, but it seems that if a malicious program is installed in the memory of the computer then it can do many such things by running the system to the user. You can also stop further and they will not have any control over these malicious programs. .

The first person to name these malicious programs as computer virus was fred cohen, who named it in the year 1983. This name came to the fore when he named these programs in an academic paper titled "computer viruses - theory and experiments" where he wrote full information about these malicious programs such as how it works, what is it can do etc.

How does a computer virus spread?

There can be many sources of virus infection in a computer or network that are sequentially understood. 

Internet:- when using the internet, there is the highest possibility of virus infection in your computer, because the internet is an open network in which thousands of viruses are inserted every day, which can cause maximum damage. 

Storage Device:- the second most common source of virus infection are storage devices, such as pen drives, hard disks, etc. Which are used by everyone in general today.  When we put a storage device on another infected computer to take or deliver data, then from there the virus often gets into our storage device and using the storage device on a working computer becomes active.

Download:- whenever you download something from the internet, such as a program, file or a movie, many times that file is already infected and the virus becomes active as soon as you play the file.

E-mail attachment:- all of us use the email service, many times infected attachments are sent in the name of big companies, which, if opened by mistake, the virus starts its work in an instant and the infected script or process is running.  It seems.

Pirated or cracked software:- whenever we try to install pirated software in our computer, the antivirus software deletes it by declaring it as a virus. The reason is that pirated software contains infected scripts and codes which harm your device.  Can deliver.

Types of Virus

There are many types of computer viruses, with the help of which hackers inject them into any system and hack them.

 Some of these are so destructive that destroy the data too. And also steal the information.

 Hacking a network is not very difficult for these hackers. They create and use different computer virus types according to their needs.

 New computer programs are created and used to hack.


There are people everywhere in the world who write such computer programs that can infect computers and use them to steal information, corrupt information.

 Here i will tell you about different types of computer programs, which is very important to get information about.

 When you take information about these in a good way, then you can keep your computer and smartphone safe and use any online information in a safe manner.


World's most dangerous virus?

Here i am giving you complete list of different virus types of the world and about them. With this information, you can keep your system / smartphone safe.

  • Michelangelo
  • Disk washer
  • C-brain
  • Mac mag
  • Jerusalem
  • Columbus
  • Boot sector

1. Michelangelo

The world's most dangerous virus is named Michelangelo. It is very famous since 6 march and it is also the date of birth of Michelangelo.

It is one of the most famous computer malware in the world. If it is said in the top number then it will not be wrong.

It has been named only march 6 virus. Introduced in 1991 on march 6.

The reason for this being so dangerous was that many antivirus companies were also very upset to bring it under control.

This caused heavy damage on 6 march. This virus is so dangerous that the fear of it was in the heart of everyone from 6 march 1990 for a whole decade.

2. Disk washer

How was the disk washer virus named? Its reason is that this name was found in its message "disk washer with love". "disk washer with love" was spread in india in the last of 1993 in india.

This is so dangerous that it destroys all the available data on the hard drive. The antivirus software, which was prepared in 1994, could catch it and was also successful in removing it.

3. C-brain

Pakistan's brothers amjad and basit had developed it together in 1986. This was a computer worm that caused damage to millions of computers.

It was a well-known computer malware of that time, it was mainly the first virus, it was also very popular as a boot sector of that decade.

4. Macmag

Macmag can be seen on every computer in the monitor as a peace message. Macmag infected most apple computers.

Richard brando created this. Richard brando macmag was the publisher who published an article about it in magazine and named it magazine. It did not do much harm.

5. Jerusalem

Jerusalem first came on the limeline in 1987. It was first identified in havre university, which is in jerusalem. Therefore it has been named jerusalem.

It’s one very special thing is that it remains active only on friday, i.e. it works only on friday. Jerusalem is considered the most dangerous of these.

It was destined on friday itself, they also had the winning files inside it.

6. Columbus

Columbus virus, also known as datacrym. And it was introduced on 13 october. It was named 13 october that's why it was injected the same day.

It was activated only on 13 october 1989. It infected the same computers which were active that day. It wastes the data on the hard disk by infecting executable files.

7. Boot sector

If seen from a user's point of view, the boot sector virus is very dangerous. These infect the master boot record, which is impossible to remove. The only way to remove it is by formatting the computer in full.

Infection with this happens when it encrypts the boot sector or the code becomes extremely damaged. The boot sector spreads through removable media.

It was very powerful in the 1990s when floppy disks were used. But it still spreads through the medium of usb drives and especially through email attachments.

Luckily due to the break in the bios modification, its usage has reduced in the last few years.

Virus Protection

There are some important rules to protect a computer, laptop, smart phone or other device from virus infection, which are necessary for a user to follow.  Key rules to protect the device from virus infection.  

License software has to be used because the license software is the foundation of any device in which we work, whether it is the os of the computer or some other program, if you use the license software, then there will be new updates in the software.

Those who are very important for the protection of the software and if the software remains safe, then the chances of getting infected are also reduced.  

Antivirus software is to be used. A good and licensed antivirus software is required to be installed and updated so that the computer can be protected.  

Use of storage devices carefully: we often use pen drives or external hard disks for data transfer, so before using them in every computer, to make sure that the computer is not infected, if the virus  if infected, your device will also get infected, which can harm your device and data.

Do not open an email attachment from an unknown source: if a mail or attachment from an email id arrives in your inbox that you have no connection with, or you find something strange, do not open it at all, because most of the big companies many times we get emails in the name of those who get infected and as soon as the user opens the attachment, she starts activating the computer and hurting them.  

Be alert while working on the internet: when you are searching on the internet, in which you are usually searching for something on google or working on a website, many times a pop up message comes in front of you like (if your computer is infected, put this software) or (your lottery is installed), then avoid clicking on this type of message.  And at the same time, always avoid opening porn, lottery and torrent websites; there is a high risk of virus infection from here.

How to remove the computer virus?

You have read how a device can be prevented from getting a virus infection and now we will know that if a computer has got a virus infection then how it can be cleaned or removed; first of all separate that computer from all other computers. 

That is, if connected to the network, remove it from the network and the internet and stop the transaction of data from it in any way, after that if it has antivirus installed, then update the antivirus and after the update the system will be full scanned. 

But if the license is not antivirus, then you can use malware byte or super anti spyware software, it is free for some time and is very effective, after full system scan, copy your valuable data from the drive and keep it in any drive so that if the system does not load after restart, then your data will be safe.

Then restart the computer and delete the temp files and cache files created in the system as soon as you restart,

How to delete history & cookies from system

Open run in your system

  • type “temp “in run
  •   delete all files which shows in temp folder.
  • again open run
  • type prefetch in run
  • delete all files which show in the prefect folder.
  • search disk cleanup
  • click ok in local disk c
  • all options and click delete files.
  • restart the system.


I hope you liked this article about my computer virus - what is a computer. It has always been my endeavor to provide readers with complete information about the type of virus so that they do not have to search in the context of that article in any other site or Internet.

This will save their time as well and they will also get all the information at one place. If you have any doubt about this article or you want to improve it, you can write a comment below for this.

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