How do Computers Work? | Characteristics of Computer | Definition, Features and Parts

Computers have become an important part of our lives. It is used daily from school to office. And computers are also being used extensively in homes to handle daily operations.

So we should all be well introduced to the computer. Only then can we be able to use this electronic device properly. Also, important computer related questions are asked in competitive examinations. This also makes it necessary to have basic computer information.

Keeping all these things in mind, I have prepared this article. In which I'm giving full computer information. This article is divided into the following parts to facilitate the study.

How do Computers Work? | Definition and Features

What is Computer? 

As soon as you hear the name of the Computer, hundreds of thoughts start coming to mind. Because Computer can do hundreds of activities alone. Yes, Hundred so! You read it correctly and that too together.

it is a little difficult to bind Computer into words. This is because every human being uses Computer for different purposes.

There is also a general belief about computers that Computer is an English word. Computer Meaning in Hindi "count" occurs. This means that a computer is a calculator. However, it would be wrong to call a computer a connecting machine. Because hundreds of different tasks work in addition to connecting a computer.

If you ask a writer/typist what is a computer? So he might say that computers are a type machine. Similarly, if we ask a boy who plays a game, he may say that a computer is a game machine. If you ask the computer operator, he will try to define it with reference to the office work disposal machine.

So we can say that Computer cannot be tied in one sense. The meaning of the computer is different for every person depending on its use.

Despite the computer having so many meanings, we have tried to define the computer for you. You cannot consider the definition of this computer as a certified definition of a computer. Because the meaning of the computer also changes depending on the work.

Definition of Computer

"Computer is a machine that edites the task according to certain instructions. And more over, Computer is an electronic device that accepts data with the help of input devices, processes them and provides those data as information with the help of output devices."

It is clear from this definition that the computer takes the first few instructions by the user that are inserted with the help of various input devices. Then the instructions are processed, and finally returns results based on the instructions that the output displays with the help of devices.

Instructions include a variety of data. e.g. Numbers, alphabets, figures etc. This data is the only one that creates computer results. If the computer is given wrong data, the computer also gives the wrong result. Clearly, the computer works on the GIGO – the law of Garbage in Garbage Out.

Computer OF Introduction

Computer can't do your job alone. Computer takes the help of a variety of tools and programs to perform a task. These Computer tools and programs are known as 'Hardware and Software' respectively. You will learn about these Computer devices and programs in the next Lessons. A common Computer appears as follows.

The above which Computer you're looking at is called 'desktop Computer'. Similar Computer is more prevalent at present. In this photo you will see many different tools all of them together make Computer machine. Let's learn about these tools briefly.


Characteristics of Computer

As you have seen that computers are being effectively used for a variety of tasks in nearly every field. Can you think of the qualities which made computers so popular ? Let us explore those reasons that are responsible for computers' popularity. Computers certainly have some strengths, which make them immensely useful and of course popular. Let us see what these strengths are.

Strengths of Computer

1. Speed- Computers are much faster as compared to human beings. A computer can perform a task in a minute that may take days if performed manually. A modern computer can execute millions of instructions in one second.

2. High Storage Capacity- Computers can store a large amount of information in very small space. A CDROM of 4.7 inch diameter can store all the 33 volumes of Encyclopedia Britannica and will still have room to store more information. Bubble memories can store 6,250,000 bits per square centimetre of space. Today's flash memory sticks (such as pen drives) can be 3-5 cms long and can still store upto 4 Giga bytes (4 GB) of data. 

3. Accuracy- Computers can perform all the calculations and comparisons accurately, provided the hardware does not malfunction.

4.  Reliability- Computers are immune to tiredness and boredom or fatigue. Thus, they are more reliable than human beings.

5. Versatility- Computers can perform repetitive jobs efficiently. They can solve labour problems or do hazardous jobs in hostile environment. They even can work in the areas where human brain can err, for instance, observing motion of articles. Also they can work with different types of data and information like very fast moving graphics, audio, visual, characters etc. 

In spite of having all the above given characteristics, computers do possess some limitations also that are strengths of human beings.

What is the full form of computer?

We all know how much the importance and use of computers has increased today, many of us use computers and some work on the computer throughout the day, but to many people what is the full form of computer?  Do not know about it and do you know what is the full name of the computer, if you do not have the answer, then we give the full name of the computer.  Today, computers are not able to tie a computer to a definition, because it is a very useful machine.  In this link, the full name of the computer is also under discussion.  Different people and institutions have interpreted differently based on their experience.  However, none of these standards are complete forms.  We have given below the complete form of a computer for you.  Which is quite popular and expressive.

1. C -
2. O -
3. M -
4. P -
5. U -
Used for
6. T -
7. E -
Education and
8. R -

What is a Computer ?

“A computer is a machine that performs tasks according to certain instructions. To say more, a computer is an electronic device that accepts data with the help of input devices and processes them and provides those data in the form of information with the help of output devices. "

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