How many types of Keyboard? | 10 different types of Keyboard? Explained With Pictures

Types of Computer Keyboard.

According to our usage, What are the types of keyboard and how do they work. We will tell you about it in detail. There are many types of keyboards available in the market today. All these keyboards have different features. What are all the different types of keyboards? What this keyboard and how they work is explained below.

What is Ergonomic keyboard.
Ergonomic keyboard

An Ergonomic keyboard is a special type of keyboard, designed keeping in mind the user and their work, which gives the user more ease of use compared to other keyboards as well as the tension of the wrist muscles and the hand Minimizes related other problems.

This keyboard enhances the functionality of the user, which increases the user's speed of work and at the same time reduces problems arising due to continuous typing. The ergonomic keyboard is shaped like the English alphabet "V", which also increases the user's typing speed. The ergonomic keyboard is available in many sizes in the market and these keyboards are very expensive.

Membrane keyboard

A membrane keyboard is a keyboard in which the keys are not separated, they are covered by a transparent, plastic cover, and have very low speed. The advantage of a Membrane keyboard is that it is covered with a rubber-like Membrane which protects it from dirt and these keyboards are cheap, but this keyboard is difficult to type quickly.

Mechanical keyboard

A mechanical keyboard is a high quality keyboard, the mechanical keyboard has a spring under the keys. The keys on this keyboard are very soft and when we are typing on this keyboard, it sounds like a typewriter. This keyboard is mainly preferred by people playing games. Because this keyboard is very durable and very comfortable.

Multimedia keyboard

Multimedia keyboard is one of the most popular keyboard types. The multimedia keyboard is designed to launch a program commonly used by users.

Some multimedia keyboards also have the facility to open email, multimedia players, Internet browsers and search programs. Some multimedia keyboards have the functionality to move back and forth in a web browser, increase or decrease volume, and open multimedia files from one file to another.

People who like music most like it. Because it is mainly used to control multimedia. This keyboard has all the important multimedia keys. There are buttons like Play, Pause, Stop, Next, Previous, Volume Up, Volume Down, Mute etc., with the help of which we can easily use the multimedia function and also control the video playback. can do.

Gaming keyboard

Gaming keyboards have been designed keeping in mind the gaming enthusiasts so that they are easy to play games. The design of this keyboard is very attractive. In this keyboard, some special keys are given to play the game easily.

We use 'W', 'A', 'S', 'D', Arrow Keys and Space while gaming. In a gaming keyboard, these keys are highlighted and include Back lit Keys, Multimedia Keys, Anti Ghost Keys, W. Lock Keys, Polling Rate ( There are extras such as Polling Rate, Double Injection and Wireless Connectivity.

With back lit keys, you can play the game in dark or low light, while multimedia keys allow you to control the brightness, sound, etc. of the screen without disturbing the game. The build quality of gaming keyboards is very good and they are much more expensive than ordinary keyboards.

Wireless keyboard

A wireless keyboard is a plug-and-play keyboard that relieves the user of a wire mess because it does not have any wires or cables. It communicates with the computer with the help of radio frequency (RF), infrared (IR) or Bluetooth technology.

It is common in the market nowadays to get a wireless keyboard along with a wireless mouse. The specialty of this keyboard is that you can give input to the computer even by sitting 30 feet (9 meters) away from your computer.

The wireless keyboard is powered by a battery and has a signal receiver that sends commands to the computer. It is small in size and light in weight. This wireless keyboard is a bit expensive and there is some technical complexity in connecting it to a computer. Due to the same technical complexity, it is not used much.

Laptop keyboard

The keyboard used in a laptop is called a laptop keyboard, it is a QWERTY keyboard. The layout of this keyboard is slightly different as they are designed according to the size of the laptop. The numeric keypad on the right is removed to make most laptops appear smaller.

If you use laptop keyboard after using desktop keyboard more, then you may face some problems. Because its keys are very close together. In addition, some additional keys are also provided in the laptop which perform different types of functions.

Such as reducing the brightness of the screen, reducing the volume, over or over muting, controlling multimedia, putting the laptop into sleep mode or turning on the airplane mode. Laptop keyboards do not deteriorate faster than desktop keyboards. But laptop keyboards are much more expensive than desktop keyboards. So we should protect the laptop from falling, rain and dust.

Roll-up keyboard

A roll-up keyboard is a portable keyboard made of High Elastic Polymer and is also called a foldable keyboard because it can be folded into the shape of a cylinder (Cylinder) anywhere in a box. Can be transported.

This is the best keyboard for those who travel a lot. Use it whenever you want and roll it after the work is over. The roll-up keyboard is attractive, durable and uses very little power, in addition to being waterproof.

Which means that even if your hands are wet, you can still work on it easily. Its keys are very soft, your fingers will not hurt even after typing more.

 Virtual keyboard

It is not a physical keyboard, but still allows us to input input. A virtual keyboard is not a hardware, but may be a software or parts of software.

This is the era of smartphones. So you should get accustomed to your full touch-phone keypad, right? This is an example of an virtual keyboard. We use our fingers to create input. There is no need to carry any physical item.

The rise of the iPad and smart touch technology led to another type of keyboard, known as a virtual keyboard. It is simply a virtual interface that allows the user to input characters and symbols without a rigid, physical button.

Today, they are not only used in smartphones, but also in desktops as an alternative input method for disabled users or bilinguals. In addition, they are used in emulation software.

USB keyboard

The invention of Universal Serial Bus aka USB was a major leap in the history of computers. Today, we also have USB keyboards, mouse, speakers, monitors and headphones.

This type of keyboard uses USB interfaces as a way to connect with the host. Meaning, we get a cable with a USB stick at the end with this keyboard. Just insert it into your computer's USB port. is that all.
The first were PS2 keyboards. The PS2 was a special type of port for mouse and keyboard.

If you use a USB keyboard, you may face a big problem. Our computer cannot support USB keyboard while booting. This means that you cannot access and modify the BIOS (Basic Input / Output System).

If you spend all day in front of a computer desk, you should buy the right type of keyboard for you. To select the right keyboard, you must first understand the purpose of having a keyboard. Depending on the purpose, you have to select the keyboard. Suppose, if the purpose of having your keyboard is to play games, then consider buying a gaming keyboard. If the purpose of having your keyboard is to surf the Internet, listen to music, and watch movies, consider purchasing a multimedia keyboard. So, these are ten different types of keyboard computers.

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